When women are using my products, I want them to feel inspired. I want them to feel empowered and supported in their individual beauty.

Zoe Boikou

Empowered Beauty

Meet the Founder

Born in Greece, Zoe Boikou moved to Germany with her family at a young age to seek a better life. Having little means but great resourcefulness, she soon evolved from selling a handful of brushes on eBay to 300-plus signature makeup formulas, palettes and tools sold around the world.

Zoe speaks openly about her family’s personal experience with domestic abuse, the survival of which has ensured her entrepreneurial spirit is matched by her dedication to charity and supporting women in crisis. Just over a decade later, Zoe remains as committed today to bringing affordable luxury to women everywhere, so they can discover the true measure of their individual beauty.

Courageous Beauty

Supporting Women in Need

As a company and a community, we are committed to supporting women everywhere who endeavor to put their personal struggles and challenges behind them. Our efforts go beyond helping women feel confident by partnering with charitable organizations such as DKMS LIFE and Caritas Frankfurt, that support women in facing domestic abuse, cancer or homelessness.

We continue to champion women and gain inspiration from their grace and courage in the face of their struggle. Learning to celebrate the true, authentic you is a beautiful process we hope to be a part of. Learn more

Inspiring Beauty

Discover ZOEVA

At our core, we’re a beauty brand committed to empowering women and celebrating their authentic, individual beauty. Our inspiration came from a desire to support women who wish to overcome a personal struggle and to form a sisterhood of women helping women.

We spare no expense in crafting our brushes and formulas to create a luxurious experience that is affordable—an indulgent experience that allows our customer to tell their story beautifully.