Soft Vegan Performance

Soft Vegan Performance

zoeva new brush technology banner
zoeva new brush technology banner

New Brush Technology

Since the founding of ZOEVA in 2008, we have constantly developed and improved our product range.

Our makeup brushes are the core of the ZOEVA brand: their manufacture and the sophisticated technology behind them are particularly close to our hearts. Our focus during production is set on quality. We want to provide you with a luxurious and high-quality experience that is still affordable for you and allows you to tell your own story.

We stand for high quality, cruelty-free products.


zoeva new brush technology

After intensive research, our brushes can be made vegan with full conviction and our individually developed brush technology.

With the innovative Soft-Vegan-Performance™ hair mix technology, we have succeeded in making brushes from pure synthetic hair and without any loss of quality–100% vegan, 100% performance.

zoeva new brush technology

The new Soft-Vegan-Performance™ hair mix was developed specifically for our powder brushes. Designed to 100 percent imitate the performance of natural hair, this is a white three-fiber hair mix made from pure synthetic hair. Each fiber takes on a different task for the controlled absorption and delivery of powder products. As a result, the long-lasting Soft-Vegan-Performance™ hair mix delivers flawless makeup results using all powder textures with a soft, voluminous brush hair feel.


Production Conditions

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes are manufactured in the northeastern region of China. There, the craft has been passed down through generations for centuries and is traditionally rooted in the culture. The warm, dry climate provides optimal manufacturing conditions, which is why the brush is native to this part of China.

Production Steps

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes go undergo 30 elaborate production steps, which ensure the longevity and high quality of the brushes.

Through a special craftsmanship, certain characteristics are created by which one can recognize the quality of the brushes. In high-quality handcraft the brush hairs are bound together and cut. Using the refined "crimping" method, the brush handle fuses inseparably with the brass ferrule, creating the three indents. For an extra strong hold, the brush hairs are additionally glued into the sleeve beforehand.

The wood of the brush handle originates 100% from sustainable forestry. The oil-based varnish is applied in six thin layers making the real wood handle more resistant to external factors, such as humidity in the bathroom.

All materials used in the manufacturing of the brushes are vegan. In addition, the materials undergo tests to ensure no harmful ingredients or metals are used in production.