• This is the perfect gift for those who want a complete brush collection that can do it all. From creating a flawless, natural complexion to sultry nighttime looks, our ZOEVA Share Your Radiance Makeup Artist Zoe Bag holds all the brushes you need in a collectable tote and matching dust bag. It’s great for professional makeup artists as well as those wanting to expand their collection and brush skills. Each brush is lovingly handcrafted with pure synthetic hair.


  • 102 SILK FINISH – applies and blends foundation; pure synthetic hair
    103 DEFINE BUFFER – applies foundation with a natural finish; pure synthetic hair
    104 BUFFER – applies and blends foundation, powder, and mineral makeup; pure synthetic hair
    106 POWDER – applies loose and pressed powder; pure synthetic hair
    108 FACE FINISH – extensively applies loose or pressed powder; pure synthetic hair
    109V FACE PAINT– applies and blends contour products and bronzer; pure synthetic hair
    110 FACE SHAPE – contours the face shape with cream and powder products; pure synthetic hair
    111 PETIT FACE FINISH – evenly blends liquid, cream, and powder products; pure synthetic hair
    122 PETIT STIPPLING – applies cream blush, concealer, and highlighter; pure synthetic hair
    125 STIPPLING – applies foundation with an airbrushed finish; pure synthetic hair
    128 CREAM CHEEK – applies cream and powder blush; pure synthetic hair
    135 PETIT FACE DEFINER – applies makeup, blends concealer, and sets loose powder; pure synthetic hair
    137 PETIT FAN – sets highlights, removes excess mascara, and separates
    lashes; pure synthetic hair
    145 CONCEALER BLENDER – softly blends concealer; pure synthetic hair
    223 PETIT EYE BLENDER – accentuates the crease; pure synthetic hair
    226 SMUDGER – blends eyeshadow and kohl along the lash line; pure synthetic hair
    227V SOFT DEFINER – softly blends and smooths eyeshadow; pure synthetic hair
    233 CREAM SHADER – applies cream eyeshadow and concealer; pure synthetic hair
    235 CONTOUR SHADER – applies the outer v with perfection; pure synthetic hair
    241 PRECISION SMUDGER – precisely blends eyeshadow and kohl along the lash line; pure synthetic hair
    315 FINE LINER – creates delicate eyeliner strokes; pure synthetic hair
    317 WING LINER – creates detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing; pure synthetic hair
    322 BROW LINE – flawlessly applies cream and powder eyebrow products; pure synthetic hair
    329 LIP DEFINER – applies lip products; pure synthetic hair
    331 PRECISION LIP – defines the lip contour and applies lip products; pure synthetic hair



    Box size: 37.1 x 28.4 x 11.6 cm
    Bag size: 34 x 23 x 13 cm

    102 Silk Finish*, 103 Define Buffer*,104 Buffer*, 106 Powder*, 108 Face Finish*, 109v Face Paint*, 110 Face Shape*, 111 Petit Face Finish*, 122 Petit Stippling*
    125 Stippling*, 128 Cream Cheek*, 135 Petit Face Definer*, 137 Petit Fan*, 145 Concealer Blender*, 223 Petit Eye Blender*, 226 Smudger*, 227v Soft Definer*, 233 Cream Shader*, 235 Contour Shader*, 241 Precision Smudger*, 315 Fine Liner*, 317 Wing Liner*, 322 Brow Line*, 329 Lip Definer *, 331 Precision Lip*

    *Pure synthetic hair

    Keep away from open flame. / Tenir loin de la flame nue.

    Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted. Made in China.

*Prices incl. VAT, Shipping costs apply *Prices excl. VAT, Shipping costs apply

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About Zoe Boikou

Meet the founder

Having transformed herself from a makeup consumer to the CEO of a global beauty brand, Zoe Boikou is a true entrepreneur. Born in Greece, Zoe moved to Germany with her family at age 10, where she later discovered a lack of high-quality, reasonably priced makeup brushes on the market. Taking matters into her own hands, she began selling makeup brushes on eBay in 2008.

A decade later, ZOEVA’s collection has grown from 10 brushes to nearly 300 makeup products and tools, and Zoe remains as committed as ever to creating quality products at a reasonable price and helping women around the world celebrate their individual beauty.