501 mask and massage applicator

Duo-sided face mask applicator to apply and massage your favorite face masks onto the skin for that home spa feeling.  Vegan. Cruelty Free.

Face Mask Applicator

Take your face mask application to the next.

CHF 19



With premium components.

Flat Side

Use flat side of the applicator to apply exfoliants, masks and other skin care products.

Textured Side

Use textured side of the applicator to massage products into the skin and aid in mask removal.

Durable with Wooden Handle that is Lacquered 6 Times

The perfect partner for your skincare routine.


Applicator head: made of silicone.

Apply and Massage your Favorite Skincare Products

Secure thanks to crimped brass ferrules.

What Is It?

The **501 Mask & Massage** applicator is the ideal little helper to elevate your face mask application to a home spa feeling. The duo-sided applicator features a flat side to evenly apply and distribute the face mask without losing any product and a textured side to gently massage the skin. Beauty hack: the textured side help to stimulate and gently exfoliate the skin for an extra radiant effect. Content: 1 Single Applicator. Full length: 10 cm. A silicone applicator with a wooden handle. Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted. Made in China. Product Code: SB501-R1

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