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  • Together We Shine Face Palette
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    Rosy Nude Face Palette
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    Together We Shine Face PaletteTogether We Shine Face Palette
  • Together We Grow Face Palette
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    Nude Face Palette
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    Together We Grow Face PaletteTogether We Grow Face Palette
  • Achieve a beautifully bright complexion with ZOEVA's cheeky collection. Add warmth to your cheeks, define your natural features or create an illuminating glow with our blush palettes.

Rosy cheeks with Blush by ZOEVA

Nothing makes for a fresh and youthful appearance as quickly and easily as a hint of blush on your cheeks. It is an absolute essential that has long since moved beyond the realms of pink and red tones toward a huge range of shades. You can highlight your individual beauty with a striking makeup look by opting for a statement blush.

Radiate a zest for life with your look

Blush is a must-have for the perfect makeup look. As such, you’ll find a highly pigmented powder blush in the makeup section of the ZOEVA online shop. The shades available range from a matt terracotta or a shimmery pink right through to velvety soft orange tones. Its lightweight texture means it’s super easy to apply with a suitable brush, blends brilliantly into the skin and adds a real kick of freshness to your makeup look.

What’s more, you can also use it as a highlighter and accentuate features that will really make your look stand out. The powder blushes by ZOEVA are enriched with vitamin E and are completely free from parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, and fragrance.

ZOEVA Blush for every skin type and face shape

Before transforming your look in to a real head-turner with the right blush, the face needs to be carefully prepped. For example, you get great results from pairing your powder base with a powder blush. A combination of different textures may make the look appear patchy. Cream foundations, on the other hand, are best combined with a cream blush.

The targeted use of a powder blush also helps to conceal small blemishes. It’s important here to choose a blush shade that suits your complexion. Delicate rosés are your best bet for paler complexions, terracotta shades are the go-to for darker skin tones, and pink or rosewood nuances are best suited to skins with cool undertones. A warm, red-toned blush like coral is a good fit for any skin type.

If you want to make a slim face appear fuller, apply the blush directly to the cheekbones. Just use a little powder, blended evenly to create a super natural effect – like for your everyday makeup look perhaps. This approach is also great for an oval-shaped face.

When it comes to blush on a round face, less is more. Apply it just below your cheekbone, finishing the brush stroke almost at your mouth. This makes the face appear slimmer and longer, if that’s the look you’re aiming for. To soften a more angular face, apply the blush in arc-like strokes from the ear to the temples. Emphasizing the forehead and temples gives the visual impression of a rounder face.