Make your lips the defining feature with our Graphic Lips pencils. Richly pigmented and long-wearing, our creamy lip liners can be worn alone, with lipstick, or with gloss for a beautifully defined pout.
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Lip Liner

What would a striking makeup look be without soft, bright lips coated with a touch of gloss? As a first step toward achieving your dream look, try contouring your lips with a ZOEVA lip liner. Paired with your favorite matching lipstick, this effortlessly turns your lip look into a real eye-catcher. A contouring lip liner is a must-have for your makeup collection, because it helps you to accentuate the natural form and radiance of your lips almost as if it were tailor-made.  


Exact Contours for a Striking Lip Look 

You can precisely contour your lips with the ZOEVA Graphic Lips Lip Liner to make them stand out. This also helps to prevent lipstick or lip gloss going beyond the lip area. The liner’s lightweight texture is highly pigmented, and ingredients well known for their nourishing properties like vitamin C and E make for a long-lasting color result and moisturized feeling, as well as full coverage. The lip liner can be applied effortlessly yet precisely and is available in seven color nuances in the ZOEVA online shop. What’s more, the lip liner is 100% free from animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, and fragrance. 


Always choose your ZOEVA lip liner to match the color of your lipstick, or even go one shade lighter to make your lips appear fuller. While you can probably do without a lip liner when using a nude or pink lipstick, it comes highly recommended when applying dark lip products. That’s because you need precise lip contours here, and they are best achieved with a lip liner.  


When it comes to a red lip, there is a handy trick you can keep in mind. After priming the lips, use a lip liner in the same red shade as your lipstick to precisely contour the lips, before filling in the entire lip area with the red lipstick. Finally, apply a shimmery lip gloss for a radiant finish.  


Beauty tip: You can also apply your lip liner like a normal lipstick to complete your makeup look.  


Applying Lip Liner Correctly 

Lip makeup applies and lasts particularly well on supple lips that are well nourished. That’s why it’s a good idea to treat them regularly with a gentle peel, to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. 

Use a lip balm to look after your lips. This is a great way to prep the area for your lip makeup and leaves the lips feeling velvety-soft. 

You can help to make your lip liner and other lip products last longer by applying a primer (or concealer) to the middle of your lips using a fine lip brush.  

Then trace your lip contours with the lip liner, starting in the middle and working your way outward. Be careful not to overdo the contouring and remember to blend! 

Apply your lipstick within the contoured area.