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What is ZOEVA?

We believe in you – believe in yourself too

At ZOEVA, we are convinced that makeup is much more than just a beauty product. It is an expression of individuality, strength, and above all, self-love.

As part of our ZOEVA community, we want to pass this love on to you. We
believe that, through our products, our organization can ensure that people around the world experience and share this love. We help them discover and show their individual beauty with dignity and integrity.

As a result of Zoe’s moving story, ZOEVA was born. Our vision “Wear the love” builds on these emotions and gives our brand a powerful foundation for the future. You are a unique part of ZOEVA and together we carry the love – we wear the love.

Mission & Vision

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Our mission is to help women worldwide to find their individual
beauty through our affordable and luxurious products.

Our vision is that all women have the opportunity to experience
love and dignity by discovering their individual beauty.

The story behind ... meet the founder Zoe and her sister Barbara Boikou

The story behind ... meet the founder Zoe and her sister Barbara Boikou

When Zoe was just a child, she had to witness her mother experiencing domestic abuse. She and her sister, Barbara, looked up to their mother and still carry the love and strength that this difficult time required.

"I can still clearly remember a moment when I was seven years old. Despite the tears in her eyes, my mother had a determined look on her face as she sat down on the bed with me. She took her makeup from the dressing table and with each brush stroke her posture became more upright. "Zoe, no matter what – we have each other. And love." With those words, she applied blush to me for the first time. That was the moment I understood: Makeup is so much more than beauty. It's power. It's an expression of dignity and a sign of love." - Zoe Boikou (CEO & Founder)

Born in Greece, Zoe Boikou moved to Germany with her family at a young age to seek a better life. Having little means but great resourcefulness, she soon evolved from selling a handful of brushes on eBay to 300 plus signature makeup formulas, palettes, and tools sold around the world.

Our Values

  • Every woman deserves
    to discover her individual beauty and to be loved for it.

  • Our products offer
    women worldwide an affordable sense of luxury and elegance.

  • We are a sisterhood
    in which every voice is equal, because: Only together are we strong.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

ZOEVA is committed to making the world a more beautiful place through our products, our people, and our philanthropic approach. We feel the need to act responsibly and build a sustainable company on an ethical, fair, and trusting basis without compromise. Respect and openness in our daily work are the guiding principles for our interactions with each other and with customers and suppliers.

Read more about responsibility here.

Share the Love with our Charity Brush Set

Regular price $43.00
Sale price $43.00 Regular price

Charity Edition Brush Set
Regular price $43.00
Sale price $43.00 Regular price

Support women in need with our ZOEVA Positively Beautiful Brush Set Vol 2, our Charity Brush Set.

100 % of all proceeds from the sale of this brush set will be donated to charities supporting women affected by domestic violence – an important cause that is close to our hearts.

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We, at ZOEVA, are real people

We, at ZOEVA, are real people

We are strong, We are weak.

We are young, We are old.

We are digital, We are not.

We are beautiful, We are ZOEVAs.

Come join us

Beauty starts with you! Let’s create a world where everyone experiences self-love with pride.

Apply on our career site and become part of the ZOEVA family. We cannot wait to welcome you to our team.

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