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  • Set & Forget! Our setting powder fixes your makeup and ensures long-lasting results.

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    Set & Forget Pressed Translucent Finishing Powder
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    Pressed translucent powder
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ZOEVA’s silky soft powder makes for a smooth appearance – it’s the ideal finish and completes any makeup look. The nourishing ingredients in ZOEVA setting powders mean they are also great for dry skin. What’s more, applying different color tones makes for a really radiant look.

Powder for a smooth finish

ZOEVA Powder is a loose powder that can be evenly applied in the blink of an eye, fixing your makeup in place for the day. Its superfine, lightweight texture means the mineral powder blends beautifully into the skin. It helps to reduce shine and leaves behind a wonderfully soft matt finish. Fine mineral particles like tourmaline, amethyst, and quartz are known to revitalize the skin and make for a fresh appearance. The mineral powder is especially suitable for dry skin thanks to the rosehip oil infused into it, which is known for its moisturizing properties. ZOEVA’s finishing powder is available in various shades for pale, average, tanned, and darker skin tones. Moreover the mattifying powders are free from animal ingredients.

Applying powder correctly

The ZOEVA Powder Brushes are great for applying powder to the face. To do so, dip the brush in to the loose powder and twist the brush back and forth a few times. This helps to keep enough powder in the brush bristles for you to apply evenly across the face with light brush strokes. Starting at the nose, always work from the inside outward and from top to bottom with the powder.

Mattifying powder is also good for concealing small blemishes and signs of redness, even without foundation. After completing your daily skincare routine, you can brighten the delicate skin under the eyes with a hint of concealer. Using a little concealer on the eyelids helps to keep your eye makeup in place for longer and to intensify the pigment in your eyeshadow. The next step is applying powder that matches your skin tone to the forehead, cheeks and chin, before blending in. This makes for a flawless finish in no time.

Pro tip: Avoid brush strokes starting from the bottom of your face upward. This makes the hair on your face stand on end, leading to a rather more pale than transparent effect on the skin.

Powder Tips

● Match the color of your powder to the shade of your foundation.

● Loose powder generally has a more natural effect than compact powder because it can be applied more precisely.

● Avoid powdering under your eyes. The skin here is delicate, dries out quickly, and can make you appear tired.

● Apply powder sparingly – too much powder makes for a less radiant or dewy complexion.