brush cleansing pad

A spa moment for your brushes – our cleaning pad for deep cleaning your favorite make-up brushes without damaging them. Effortless, quick and easy!

Silicone Cleansing Pad

For deep cleaning your favorite make-up brushes without damaging them.



Spa-Moment For Your Brushes

Soft and clean in no time, say “goodbye” to makeup stains on your favorite ZOEVA brushes.

Light Pink With Glitter Particles

The pad is not only super practical, but a real eye-catcher!

Compact And Handy

For easy cleaning of your brushes.

Practical Suction Cup

Attach the cleansing pad easily to smooth surfaces.

Pro Tip

Take care of your brushes just like you take care of your hair and use a conditioner after cleaning them.

What Is It?

With daily use, make-up darlings like foundation, eyeshadow and co. leave dirt, residues and bacteria behind clogging the fine hairs of your make-up brushes. With its textured silicone surface and ergonomic shape, the new **ZOEVA Brush Cleansing Pad** is ideal for cleaning your brushes and to remove oily, creamy and powdery deposits. Use the ZOEVA Brush Cleansing Pad weekly as part of your makeup brush cleansing routine to help extend the life of your brushes and for flawless makeup application every time.

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